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How to Protect Yourself Against Teen Knockout Game Attacks

Residents of South St Louis need not feel defenseless against being victimized by the senseless teen knockout game attacks. Violent crime is real in our urban St. Louis community and the brutal teenage Knockout Game continues to claim more innocent victims. There are non-lethal means of self defense and personal protection products available online that are extremely effective at stopping such an attack. Wildfire Pepper Spray Gel and the Stun Master Mini Stun Baton are being selected more than ever as an effective non-lethal means of personal protection and security.

Do  St. Louis city residents and commuters to downtown really need to protect themselves from being attacked  and victimized by these urban thugs?

In April an elderly man and his wife were attacked by a swarm of urban teenagers playing “the knockout game” while walking home from the grocery store in South City. They brutally attacked this innocent couple and killed the elderly man.

In June a mob of black youths beat a gay man near a MetroLink/Metro Bus station while commuting to work at the St. Louis Galleria Mall and this violent crime took place in St. Louis County during the day.

In August more black teen mobs began targeting and attacking St. Louis cyclist in this ridiculous Knockout Game.

In September near Tower Grove Park a 73-year old man was knocked unconscious. Another apparent victim of the violent knockout game. We’ve got roving bands of urban teenagers slugging people just for the hell of  it? That’s truly a scary scenario for those of us utilizing public transportation and must commute. And if you don’t, there’s a possibility that someone you care about and love will become a victim of this senseless crime.

In October St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay was the first person on the scene and personally witnessed a man being beaten unconscious by a swarm of roving teens. Another innocent victim of the brutal “Knockout Game”. The attack resulted in the victim suffering a shattered jaw and several broken bones in his face.

There now have been as many as a dozen attacks but these are the ones that have been reported to the police. I’m sure there are more victims but for whatever the reason never reported being attacked.

In November the madness continues and there have been two more South City residents victimized by the knockout game. Knockout game self defense is now a necessity for any one using public transportation and commuting through the urban streets of  St. Louis City.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!




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