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How To Safeguard Against Copper Thefts With Do-It-Yourself Surveillance Systems

Electrical Box Color Camera with Built-in DVR

Many business owners wonder how to safeguard against copper thefts with do it yourself  surveillance systems.

Most people don’t take advantage of today’s surveillance systems because they think they’re too difficult to operate. To any ordinary person, it looks like an outdoor electrical box.

The electrical box camera (digital video recorder) is completely self-contained, totally secure and easy to use. This covert electrical box camera works equally well in a warehouse or outside watching your receiving dock.

Thousands of us go to work everyday and pass electrical boxes just like this and pay no attention to them. No one will suspect that this nondescript electrical box actually houses a wide angel pinhole camera. Includes power adapter and video/power cables. Ask about the day/night option for applications with low light or variable lighting conditions. A fully weatherproof wireless Electrical Box hidden camera mounts to a building or pole and transmits the video to your recording station.

If you need a hidden camera to watch over a tool shed or work room, or just any area outside, the Electrical Box Camera can do the job without catching any attention at all.

This covert camera that takes video recording to the next level with the highest video resolution possible. Built-in DVR captures hours of video and comes complete with all necessary mounts for all your covert surveillance needs. Great for use on construction sites, entrance ways, parking lots, or anywhere that power is not readily available. Copper thefts by low life drug addicts has exploded! If you have been a victim of this, it cost a lot of money to rewire a building after thieves strip it bare.

An office hidden camera dvr is cleverly disguised so is very popular with many business owners in need of concealed cameras. The best spy cam to buy feature built-in dvr with motion detector.


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