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How You Can Make Sure Your House Is Secure Even If You Are Not Physically There

Staying at work for the majority of the day, if not being sent out to business travels instead, rarely leaves me any time to be at home. Thus, whenever I received news of the latest break-ins in my apartment building, I immediately freaked out. It seemed clear that my place could be targeted next, particularly because I was never there.

Considering that I lived alone, my coworker proposed that I install a hidden wireless IP camera within my flat. I agreed that it would be a great idea since surveillance cameras are ideal for keeping an eye on what is taking place.

While shopping around, I found a Wi-Fi alarm clock radio covert camera with 2-way talk back audio. As the video camera is built within a completely functional Wi-Fi alarm clock radio, I could use the device additionally to be able to tell time as well as listen to music too.

Hidden cameras have various disguises to make them appear like regular household things. The purpose of this is to ensure that anyone that breaks into your house is not going to think that they’re being watched.

Also, I find it very impressive that Wi-Fi hidden cameras are normally built with the newest Wi-Fi transmission technology. Basically, the technology lets the transfer of video recordings using your current home Internet connection.

Thus, using these IP cameras, I will be able to watch the videos live from anywhere in the world provided that I have Internet access. Seeing as I am away on business travel most of the time, this is an important feature for me.

The Wi-Fi alarm clock hidden camera that I obtained can upload live video and also audio wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, and to 3G cell phones. Plus, it has H.264 algorithm hardware compression.

I am pleased that I was able to get a suitable hidden wireless IP camera for my apartment. I now feel assured that I will know about any activity in my home even if I am halfway across the world. If I catch any person breaking in, I will have proof to forward to the cops.

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