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Install Complete Surveillance Systems To Continuously Record All Activity

When my friend started to establish the first of many stores, He was quite thrilled to get everything underway.  But he quickly realized that he required a way to digitally record all activity that went on within his stores first before he went ahead with opening it to the public.

The threats of shoplifting and burglary were very real especially in the more remote places of Cedar Rapids, Iowa where he set up his first outlet.  He pursued complete surveillance systems that were economical and yet effective.

Having a whole set of cameras with DVR allows him to have all around protection at a discounted price instead of buying each item separately. All cameras are also networkable and would send all footage to one source for easy viewing.

He came across the 4 Channel Wired DVR System while seeking complete surveillance systems.  This surveillance system can handle 4 cameras that are all wired into one embedded DVR that grants me access to view on a 17 – inch monitor.

The 4 Channel Wired USB DVR Complete System has a wired USB DVR for those moments that he desired to digitally record all activity and view them on his computer.  It is more suitable for those times when he is not at the store himself.

The 8 Channel Wireless DVR Complete System, on the other hand, lets him digitally record all activity from more locations.  With 4 wired and 4 wireless cameras, he could have more flexibility when monitoring his stores.

As his business grew and he added another store, the ability to watch over both became important.  With the 8 Channel Portable DVR System, I could do just that.  With a simple configuration of software, he’s able to keep track of whatever goes on inside both branches.

Building up his business was made easier by these systems.  He has have peace of mind knowing that he can digitally record all activity and view them all at the same time.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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