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Less Than Lethal Weapons For Sale Now

With the increase in the rate of crime, it is necessary to be able to defend oneself from danger. Self Defense is very crucial especially when an individual has to be out working late into the night or a female that may not be able to match the strength of a male attacker. For example a female nurse that has to go home late at night, needs to have less than lethal weapons for sale now. To use to defend herself in case she is faced with danger.

Less than lethal weapons for sale now. Are necessary because most often using a harmful weapon like a real gun can lead to the death of the attacker, which could land the victim in court and if the killing is not well proven to be out of self defense then the user can end up behind bars for murder. So to avoid taking this risk, it is advisable to use a weapon that isn’t lethal.
Self defense weapons like stun guns, tweezers and pepper spray fall under this category of self defense weapons that are not lethal. This article however will focus on Stun Guns.
A stun gun is a very effective weapon for self defense. It is not so lethal weapon that makes use of strong electric voltage to temporarily incapacitate an attacker. There are two types of stun guns the short range stun guns and the projectile stun guns. The Stun Gun is not lethal in the sense that the high voltage it releases is strong enough to incapacitate and attacker without killing him.
It is important to know how to use a stun gun so that when faced with danger the user isn’t at loss of what to do. To effectively use it ensure that it hits the stranger before pressing the button to release the current,then hold it for up to five seconds before pulling it away. The Stun Gun is designed in such a way that even if the user is in contact with the target it won’t harm the user.
It is also important to keep the Stun Gun very close by, this is to avoid being caught unawares. Whenever you are in a not safe area, carry the gun in your hand instead of inside the bag or in your pocket. The Stun Guns for women come in various feminine models like Lipstick or cell phone models, this makes them very easy to carry about without any discomfort.

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