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Low Light Outdoor Bullet Cameras Are Small But Effective

Jake felt pretty good when the town council approved the condo construction next door to his convenience store.  He had run that little shop for almost thirty years, in the same location where his grandfather had started it right after the Big One. They weathered a lot in that spot, but the store survived it all.

Now the neighborhood was on the brink of revitalization.

A few days after the new residents started moving in, Charlie dropped by the store.  Charlie had been the neighborhood beat cop for almost half as long as Jake had run the store.  Nothing happened on that block without Charlie knowing about it, which is why he had such a pained expression on his face.

“Your’re never gonna believe what I gotta ask you to do,” said Charlie.  He told Jake that a few of the new neighbors complained that Jake’s security lighting, which deterred thieves from breaking into his store, was keeping them up at night.  One of the new residents even found an old city code that stipulated that Jake would have to start shutting off his lights at eleven o’clock, or face some stiff fines.

Jake cussed and hollered at Charlie for about ten minutes straight, complaining that his security camera wouldn’t see anything in the dark.

After calming Jake down, Charlie offered up a good compromise.  “Look,” he said, “you all want to be good neighbors.  So get yourself a low light camera and everybody’s happy.”

Charlie showed Jake how little they cost, and he warmed up to the idea.

These Low Light Outdoor Bullet Cameras were so small, he could mount them anywhere without them being noticed.

In fact, he stationed a few around the front of the building, which earned him the praise of the local neighborhood watch.

Charlie helped the homeowner’s association install a camera of their own, and piped all of the feeds into the building’s cable television system.

Jake got back to the business of selling groceries to a new generation of grateful customers and very pleased that he installed the low light outdoor bullet cameras.

You demand the best -and we deliver.

P.S. You can keep a watchful eye on your own neighborhood with this durable, innovative camera, just like Jake’s.


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