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Making The Most Of A Versatile Means Of Self-Defense

One could think that I towering six feet and three inches am a force to reckon with. However beneath this size is a gentle giant whom his better half came to love. It is not in my character to frighten people with my height. On the contrary I keep my personality approachable instead of abominable.

As unbelievable as it might seem I protect myself using a .40 caliber blowgun. I was the first among my pals to own one so I basically introduced blowguns and paintballs to them. Very soon paintball grew to become a favorite game of ours.

While we ease our stress from work with the use of a long-range weapon I personally have mine just in case I have to defend my familys safety. Striking an assailant some good distance away reduces the chance of any physical harm coming to me more so to my wife and kids.

The seamless T-6061 aircraft aluminum tubing of my blowgun has been manufactured with such precision that I can hit the bulls eye on a target as far as 250 feet away. With its muzzle velocity escalating to 350 feet per second absolutely no target will be able to escape.

Even if my assailant docks behind 1/4 inch of plywood the muzzle strength will allow the darts to penetrate. Still I hope that I never find a serious need to use the 12 darts that my blowgun came with on anybody.

What I also like about blowguns is the fact that I can use one to shoot paintballs too. Every weekend my friends and I try to find the time to play for a couple of hours. Sometimes I take my family along with me so that they can take part in the action.

I chose a blowgun that was entirely manufactured in the USA. Im confident that with multiple users it wont easily fail or give in to wear and tear.

Plus my purchase included a mouthpiece muzzle guard foam grip and dart quivers. When fun time comes Im quick and ready. We pack the blowguns and paintballs together with the supplied accessories and head out to our rendezvous point.

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