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Making Use Of A Great Bug Finder To Help Protect Your Company And Sleep Without Worry

Lens Finder Bug Detector

Our largest competitor seemed to be stealing our ideas and coming out with them first. I was quite certain that there was a mole among my employees. I started a surveillance activity secretly on those whom I suspected of double-crossing me however nothing came up.

This led me to think that there must have been electronic bugs lurking within my office. I realized then that I needed to know how to find hidden camera devices inside those four walls without making the mistake of skipping one.

Right away I got hold of a bug detector that could detect any wireless audio or video product which might have been put into some corner of my office. These may have been small bugs which were undetectable to the untrained eye.

Given that I couldnt count on just my eyes I complemented my gut feeling also with a wired or wireless camera multifunctional detector. It could sweep out wide band radio frequency bugs utilizing modern laser frequency visual detection strategies.

In the beginning I declined to think that another person whom I trusted could sell my company and me out. It made me unhappy to accept that this was a possibility no matter how I made an effort to deny it.

I might not like precisely what I would find but I had to admit the truth. Via the LCD display of a frequency counter bug detector which I further employed I can figure out the precise frequency of any electronic bug that would be present.

While I was using a handheld bug detector to sweep every nook and cranny its built-in signal strength meter started displaying signs of a bug. It spotted one inside a vase that was put into the center of the conference table. Later it found another 3 hidden below my office chair behind the flowerpot and below the coffee tray.

I was shocked at the great lengths that my competitors would go to just to spy on me. Unfortunately for them I discovered how to find hidden camera devices just in time to save my business from what could have been a devastating financial crisis.

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