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Mini Spy Camera: Air Freshener Hidden Camera DVR

Working parents really appreciate the benefits of having a mini spy camera in the home to watch over their infant. Today’s technology makes it very affordable for most families to install a Air Freshener Hidden Camera DVR to assist in making sure the nanny or babysitter appropriately cares for their child. We’ve all seen the horrific video recorded by a mini spy camera, hidden camera or nanny cam of the 11 month old being physically abused by a trusted nanny. Thankfully, the suspicious father of the infant purchased a mini spy cam to record what was taking place inside the home while both parents were away at work. The couple installed the nanny cam after they noticed the toddler had a black eye. They were disgusted and horrified after reviewing the actions of abuse the nanny Jeannine Campbell. The parents then showed the hidden mini spy cam recording to the police and the psycho nanny was arrested. The mini spy camera was used as evidence to convict Jeannine Campbell and she is now serving 8 years in prison.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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