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No Excuse for College Students Not to Carry Pepper Spray

It’s inexpensive, effective, legal and easy to use. Owning self defense products is like having car insurance. In a life threatening situation, it’s better to have pepper spray if needed. Than to need it and not have it. Most assaults take place suddenly and unexpectedly, and it can happen to anyone. Especially, an unprepared naive female college student. Wildfire Pepper Spray is an effective non-lethal personal protection product designed as a key chain or comes with holster clip for a belt. Carry this key chain pepper spray with you always, so that any attacker can be put down immediately; even if the thug is much bigger and more powerful than you.
If you never seen anyone get sprayed with Wildfire Pepper Spray, you’ll be amazed how quickly a large 250lb man will go down and stay down. The effects of a good blast from the dispenser are instantaneous and will incapacitate anyone for as long as 45 minutes, leaving no permanent damage and allowing you the time needed to escape and contact the police. Wildfire Pepper Spray contains an invisible UV Dye which is very helpful when making positive identification of the suspected attacker.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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