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Non-Lethal Personal Protection Against St. Louis Teenage Hoodlums

It’s been reported by local media that 72 year old Hoang Nguyen and his 59 year old wife were surrounded and attacked by four African-American teenagers for thrills resulting in the death of the elderly man.  Nearby surveillance cameras show that robbery was not the reason for the violent and vicious attack of this immigrant couple walking home from the grocery store at 10:45 am Saturday morning.

This senseless attack by teenage thugs is another reminder why St. Louis is considered the most dangerous city in America.  Non-Lethal Personal Protection such as pepper spray is a necessity for self defense against roaming packs of teenage hoodlums looking to victimize innocent defenseless St. Louis residents enjoying an evening at the Delmar Loop or walking home from a local market.

Non-Lethal Personal Protection will instantly stop an attacker without causing any permanent damage but allow the intended victim time to escape and contact police.  Urban crime is real in the most dangerous city in America and St. Louis police can’t be everywhere.

Non-Lethal Personal Protection is being considered more and more as an effective means of self-defense against teenage hoodlums and other street crime.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban


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