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Online Predator Protection

On a computer and on the internet, children are constantly introduced to a wealth of loose information that young minds are ill-equipped for comprehending and assessing constructively.  Children need supervision as much as guidance.

Child protection software allows youngsters to continue benefiting from computers, however, intelligently.  As a child psychologist, I fully acknowledge the role of computers in teaching children at an early age the importance of sustained learning and communication.

The IntelliSpy Online Predator Protection Software enables parents to discreetly keep watch on everything their children do while on the computer, from web sites browsed and applications opened to emails sent and instant messages received.

Knowing the websites their children are visiting helps parents to inform their children of how to make better decisions and they can steer their children to making enlightened reactions to information that may be new, questionable or unusual.

There are many predators that are online, this Intellispy software will point out and alert parents of any possible malicious and harmful stimuli.

Parents can keep a log of anything that is typed into the keyboard including emails, instant messages, chat rooms and social networking web sites like Facebook and Twitter.  This is possible because Intellispy supports key logging.

The IntelliSpy Online Predator Protection Software even captures screen shots at one minute intervals.  Parents can restrict access to unsuitable web sites.  The program will simply restart if it ever closes or shuts the computer down.

I really like the stealth feature and makes me feel safe with my children being on the computer.  Children should not be given the wrong message that computers and communication technology aren’t safe.  Child protection software will make the experience better in the long run.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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