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Parents! Don’t Send Your Child to College Defenseless

Parents, seemingly not a day goes by that we don’t hear about a brutal rape or sexual assault of women. Many are young college students experiencing the first time living away from home and now living on their own on or off-campus. The Extreme College Survival Kit provides useful information and self defense tools to keep your child safe. Criminals are street smart and it’s their turf. They’ve already surveyed the best places to attack their intended victims. Criminals are looking for an easy prey to target… like a clueless and naive college student. You’ve seen today’s young college students: Ipod, ear-buds, and totally self absorbed. Clueless of their surroundings and what possible danger await them along their predictable path. FBI statistics indicate a person has 10-15 seconds to respond to an attack. Being prepared is the best way for your child to protect herself and be safe from possible attack or abduction. College students must identify areas of possible attack during their daily travels, especially at night. Develop a plan of action Now! If students wait until their attacked it’s too late and risk becoming another crime statistic. The Ultimate Personal Safety Kit for Women is another self defense resource to help give parents peace of mind while their daughter is away at college.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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