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Personal Protection for Women Can Be Easily Found Online

Kids off to college should always keep in mind personal security for college students. But all women need to be able to protect themselves when traveling alone or commuting using public transportation in an urban environment.

Just the other day, I was watching the local news and the first stories were about people getting mugged or raped.  Well, I don’t want that kind of stuff to happen to me at all.  I am worried about how safe I am after seeing those terrible things on the news and I think I need to buy personal protection products to keep me safe.

I used to own a gun but I had to sell it because there were some rules at my job that wouldn’t allow me to keep it concealed anymore.  Now that I can’t carry my gun, I think I need to replace it with some other products that will help me to feel safe when I am out all alone and I think that I am being followed.  You have to keep yourself armed at all times for events like that which might occur.

I told my boyfriend that I wanted to buy personal protection products and he immediately went to work online searching for some items that would help keep me safe.  He found a lot of different things that I would need, but he was trying to find something that would come in a kit so I could buy everything in one package.  Then he found a self defense kit that a website was offering that would have everything I was looking for.

The thing that he was insisting that I have the most was this pepper spray because it was really effective at getting an attacker to back off.  If you spray that stuff in someones eye then they will be temporarily disabled from the pain and the blinding nature of the spray.  That would give me plenty of time to run to safety and call the police to come help me.  So, we ordered this self defense kit because my boyfriend really wanted me to have it.

When I got the kit I immediately started learning how to use everything because I didn’t want to buy personal protection products and not know how to use them right.  That would be a total waste of money and wouldn’t help me to be safe at all.  I also practiced using the self defense products but in a safe way so I wouldn’t actually cause any harm to my boyfriend.

So far I have not had to use them in real life but I keep this stuff with me at all times just to feel safer.  If you teach yourself self defense and buy the right products for your safety then you won’t be as such a high risk for getting hurt out there in the real world.  I take my safety very seriously and I’m always aware of my surroundings.

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