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Personal Protection For Women

College is a scary time for the students and the parents alike.  For students, it’s their first time all alone in the world, without mommy and daddy to rely on and to help them should the need arise.  For parents, their baby is flying away from the nest, and without parental supervision for the first time in their life.  For girls a Self-Defense Kit For Women is a must have.

Therefore, parents try to prepare their child for every possible situation and stock their dorm room full of things to help them should the situation arise and they don’t have the comforts of home to help them.  Mini fridges are stocked full of milk, sodas, energy drinks for the occasional all night study session, and of course, with wholesome foods like fruits, homemade cookies and brownies, baked with love, and other staples to get kids through the first semester away from home.  Care packages filled with home bake sweets will add to the freshman fifteen, a curse that plagues all students away from home.

Once the fridge is well stocked with food, parents turn to outfitting the desk for optimal studying, seeing as they won’t be around to help encourage doing homework and good studying, and discourage procrastinating.  Bright new desk lamps shine onto fancy new laptops with built in web cams to enable Skype conversations with mom and dad at home. Brand new mechanical pencils fill a mug with sentimental memories from home and fancy guides to help survive the first semester at college line the bookshelves.  Crisp new textbooks are stacked on the desk, all ready for the new classes, and notebooks full of clean notebook paper sit on the other corner.  The desk is perfectly prepared for the first year at college, and making the most of studies.  The wall are adorned with pictures and a multitude of posters to try and make the sterile dorm room more house-like, and similar to their room back home.  A framed picture of the family is always slipped onto the dresser or bookshelf, to remind the student of their family back home.  The bedding is always an important part of the room: a new, mature comforter to replace the one left behind at home.  A rug lies on the floor, to make the cold tile warmer in the early morning.

Once the room is as comfortable as possible, parents make sure their child has a sick kit and a Self-Defense Kit For Women to keep them safe for every situation that arises.  Band-aids and antiseptic abound, plus cough drops and Advil or Tylenol.  Parents lose the chance to take care of their sick child when they are at school, so they make sure they have everything to combat everything from cuts to common cold to the flu or a fever.  There are lots of tissues and a card with emergency numbers listed for every possible health center:  the college infirmary, the hospital, minor emergency clinic, dentist, and eye doctor.  The card will invariably get lost in the mess and clutter of a typical college dorm, but its presence is reassuring to the parents in thinking their child will be able to get the proper help if needed.

In addition to the basic first aid kit, parents include a simple mechanic kit, with a hammer, screwdriver, and pocket knife, because one can never know when those will be useful.  Parents of female students will include a whistle with the hope that their daughter will wear it faithfully around her neck to signal for danger, as well as carrying along pepper spray (part of any Self -Defense Kit For Women) in her purse, and never walking alone after dark.  A Self-Defense Kit For Women is something that can be bought very inexpensively.

Students who have a car at college will find their car stocked with bottled water, a blanket, a spare tire, an extra insurance card, a flashlight, and anything a parent could think of that would be helpful in case the car should break down.  As for clothes, students will take a mix of new and old clothes: some students will need new clothes for a change in climate, heavy coats for the California kids going east, and tank tops and sandals for the Boston kids moving to the south.  Kids will want to keep clothes from home for sentimental reasons, shirts from sports teams and the plethora of SENIOR shirts to remember the last year in high school.

Parents can not protect their children when they are away at school, so they try and make sure they have everything they’ll need to take care of themselves as they venture out into the real world all by themselves for the first time, by giving them the perfect Self-Defense Kit For Woman.

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