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Pink Taser C2 for Self Defense Weapon

The following  story was shared by a satisfied owner of a Pink Taser C2 self defense weapon...

Travelling home from a business trip, I met an old friend who was also heading home.  On the plane, we talked about a lot of things, including how she was almost raped.  The police came just in time.  It was this incident that motivated her to buy a self defense device to keep her safe.

She had always been an advocate of non-violence as a way of life.  It took my friend sometime to use a defense weapon for her personal safety after her bad experience.  It was also through this meeting with her that I thought seriously about my safety and was finally convinced that I should have a defense weapon, too.

When she decided to bring a protective tool, she wanted one that can work both far and near.  She discovered that the Pink Taser C2 self defense weapon can be fired at close range or as far as 15 feet away.  The effect is the same within those distances.

Two darts attached to a 15-foot wire with 50 volts are dispatched as soon as the Taser is triggered.  This would surely render an attacker helpless as it is like being hit with a 9 mm hand gun.  The nervous system is affected by the high voltage.

I then decided that Tasers would be my self defense weapon. I wanted to have the Pink Taser C2 self defense weapon because of its dual protection capacity as a long and short distance defense device.

I consider Tasers as an effective weapon.  Should an attacker grab you by surprise, you can use it as a stun gun.  For an approaching threat, use the two darts for shooting at a longer distance.

Even if the user is drunk or drugged, the Pink Taser C2 self defense weapon will still have the same effects on somebody who is sober.

After my friend relocated to another state, I went online to secure the Pink Taser C2 self defense weapon.  Having the self defense weapon with me, I am confident that I am well protected.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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