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Pink Tasers for Women with Laser Sight Are The Best Self Defense Weapons for Me

The following experience is from a young woman who is very grateful she acquired non-lethal personal protection…

I relocated to a new neighborhood that I discovered to be less dangerous and much quieter than the last one.  I made friends with many neighbors quickly, such as a guy who started working out with me at the gym in the morning.  He eventually asked me on a date and I declined.  His continued persistence was making me very uncomfortable and creeping me out.

I consulted my friends on tips on how to protect myself from this guy if he became overly aggressive and attacked me.  They told me to take a look at the Pink Tasers for Women with Laser Sight which I purchased online.  Since the Pink Taser C2 with Laser Sight is sleek and compact, I keep it in my purse whenever I leave my apartment.  While online I discovered a Taser fires shoots out 2 darts attached to a  wire that can reach an attacker up to a range of 15 feet.  It also doubles as  a close contact stun gun if this creep is close to me and grabs me from behind.

These Pink Tasers for Women with Laser Sight employ Electro-Muscular Disruption technology to impair an attacker readily.  Since the Pink Taser C2 is outfitted with laser sight, it will aid me to see clearly what I am aiming at, in the event I run into danger somewhere dark, such as a parking area at night.

The time came when I needed to used my Pink Taser C2 with Laser Sight for the 1st time.  I came home from work to find this same guy waiting for me inside the front gate.  He forced me to go with him so I took out my Pink Taser C2 and employed it on him without warning.  It emitted 50,000 volts that served to weaken his nervous system and damage his sensory abilities.  Nonetheless, none of these effects are permanent.

All Pink Tasers for women with laser sight observe an Anti-Felon Identification System that can help authorities identify the owner of any misused Taser by way of serialized paper tags which are released while the unit is being utilitzed.  An air cartridge is included with each purchase along with a lithium battery that serves as its power source.

Aside from Pink Tasers for Women With Laser Sight, other options for this model are blue, fashion pink, metallic pink, red, silver and yellow.  The Taser C2 is also offered without laser, in black.  During my online search, I came across the Taser M26C Black, which is modeled after the ones that the police are utilizing.  And then there is the Taser x26C that is accessible in black, clear and yellow.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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