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Pointers On How To Keep Burglars From Finding Your Important Items

I went home from work one day to find my home ransacked by burglars. Many of the valuable things vanished including my safe. I had the typical 4×4 metal safe which was screwed to the base of my closet. Bags were placed on top of it but I reckon that it was easy to find when they had rummaged through the closets contents.

Never in my wildest dreams did I consider that this would happen to me. I no longer desired to acquire one more standard safe seeing how easily the initial one was taken away. Finding small safes which can be hidden looked like a much better idea soon after what happened.

I went on the web to look for storage safes the moment I stumbled on a bunch that looked like household objects. Believing that these were novelty items I decided to check them out.

The joke was on me as these common things turned out to be diversion safes meant for deceiving burglars. For example I discovered 7Up and root beer soda can safes the tops of which can be taken off in order that you can hide your belongings inside.

A Coffee Mate creamer can safe which I eyed would not look the least bit out of place in any kitchen. Neither do I think there is a thief around that would think about searching a gourmet saltshaker safe for something to steal.

Hoping to find one to place in my room I checked out the other disguised safes that wouldnt stand out in the vanity or the bathroom. I was drawn to a fabric and upholstery cleaner can safe since it was the spitting image of the original.

A wall socket safe is one more concealed safe that I would feel really confident using. It is easy to attach to the wall and has sufficient room for holding valuable items.

Even though I never really got over my encounter with burglary deal at least I discovered small safes to protect effectively the jewelry I had left. I may not be able to stop robbers however I certainly could outsmart them using a diversion safe.

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