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Precautions to Take When Moving Off Campus

Parents should take the time to consider personal security for college students. Especially, since kids off to college soon.

If you or your son or daughter is going to be living off campus this year, than there are many things to put on your college apartment checklist, that you didn’t need during your time in the dorms.  Here are some basics that can really help you be prepared for living in an apartment on or off campus.

First of all, the college apartment checklist should have inspecting the apartment for damage and other issues prior to moving in as paramount.  Doing a thorough inspection at the beginning is a great way to prevent large unexpected charges down the road.  If you are looking at an apartment with a lot of damage, it is very important that you make sure that all of the major issues are fixed before you begin moving into the apartment.

The next step is to give the apartment a good cleaning and to make sure that you didn’t miss anything during your inspection.  Bringing cleaning supplies like bleach, dish washing liquid, bathroom and toilet bowel cleaner, brushes and sponges are all great to bring into the home at this time.  This is when you will notice what cleaning materials you may need on a regular basis, that you didn’t need in the dorms.

The next step is to bring in throw rugs and other floor coverings that are going to protect the floor in the apartment.  You should try to put runners and throw rugs in high traffic areas to keep wear down on the apartment floors.  While putting these down, it is a good idea to vacuum them prior to putting furnishing on top of them, to get any dust and grime that is hiding from the move.

The next things to bring in are the basic furnishings.  The tow most essential pieces of furniture are your bed and a desk to do your work on.  Your desk should have a bright or full spectrum light that can help you stay focused when working on a paper or other assignment.  Your bed should be the most comfortable one you can afford because, sleep deprivation is a leading cause of issues in college academic achievement.

After you have the basics in your apartment, the next thing on the college apartment checklist is items for the common areas of your apartment.  Often when moving into a first apartment, it will be a roommate situation, so deciding on furnishings for common areas should be a group decision.  Deciding on couches, futons, lighting, television stands, TVs and game systems and other common items should be agreed upon by everyone moving into the space.  It is up to your roommates how you divide up the responsibilities of getting the things you need.

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