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Precisely How To Make Use Of Your Computer To Perform Surveillance In Your House

The moment my wife and I had children, we decided it was time to transfer into a larger house. I liked the idea of having more space for everybody though I believed that a larger house would get more attention from burglars and other criminals.

I became concerned about the security of my family. This prompted me to buy some disguised cameras and a hidden spy camera DVR to match. With covert cameras inside our house, I would be able to get any intruder on camera and also see if the nanny is caring for our children like she should.

With several areas of the household to watch, I wanted a way to oversee activities all at once. I discovered that I could use the computer I already have by turning it into a complete surveillance system. Apparently, all this took was to get surveillance cameras plus a USB DVR.

A USB plug-in DVR is computer surveillance hardware that could transform a computer into an efficient worldwide security system. It does so by enabling you to watch real time and recorded videos from anyplace with Internet access when you log into a certain IP address.

By hooking up the DVR to a USB port on a computer, I can record into it any kind of video from a camera linked to the hard drive of the same PC. As much as 4 cameras may be connected, that is enough to cover all parts of our house.

In addition to remote surveillance, I acquired a USB DVR which offers PTZ control. Also, it could record to HDD, USB disk, ZIP drive and also CD/RW.

Having such a DVR helps me keep an eye on my family whether I am in the house or not. The good thing is that we could check in on our household even when we go on vacation to make sure that everything is in order.

Getting a hidden spy camera DVR to connect to my surveillance cameras has proven to be an awesome investment. As the head of the household, I take my job of safeguarding my loved ones very seriously.

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