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Preparing My Spouse To Defend Herself

We live in a world that is extremely unsafe.  Every time you turn on the news all you hear about are acts of violence towards other individuals.  More times than not the people who are on the receiving end of these acts of violence are women.  I think that this is something that is of great concern to any individual who has a woman that they care about in their lives. It could be our mother, your sister, your wife or girlfriend or your niece.  Anyone in your life that you care about.

I know that I personally did not fully understand the danger that exists for women in this world until after I got married. My wife drives to work by herself in the morning and she spends her time cleaning other individuals houses.  She usually leaves right around seven in the morning and then her employer’s home by noon.  Since I am a night worker I am home when she leaves and when she comes back.  Well, last week my wife left at her usual time to go clean a new house.  Right around 8:30 I heard the garage door open.  It surprised me that my wife was home from work so early.  I went out to see what was going on.  I saw her in the car crying and the first thing I thought to myself is what happened, is she okay.  I started to talk to her and when she finally was able to compose herself a little bit she told me that in the new house she was working at there was a homeowner and he tried to attack her but thankfully she was able to get away and run out of the house.  Obviously my first thought was going to that house and breaking that man’s neck.

After we took care of the situation with the authorities, I made a determination I was going to make sure that first of all my wife no longer worked in a place where she had to be by herself and fearful about her personal safety, and secondly wherever she went she would have the means to defend herself.  That day I started to look into security products women could use to defend themselves.  I was here to find a product that would be perfect for my wife and allow her to defend herself without putting her own life in jeopardy.  It is surprising the large amount of security products women have at their disposal.  These are dangerous times and the security products women can get online include a variety of personal alarms, pepper sprays, stun guns and tasers.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!


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