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Protecting Our Little Girl Attending Urban College

Continued violence in the streets of  St. Louis is a valid concern to more and more parents sending their daughter off to college in our urban community. Freshman orientation at our urban universities better include personal security when traveling throughout St. Louis as stated in this observation from one worried parent…

It seems like just yesterday we were sending our little girl off to kindergarten on the school bus.  Those years of primary school field trips, middle school dances, and high school football games passed by so quickly.  When al the talk of going off to college became a reality, I just couldn’t believe how quickly we had come to this point in our lives.  As an only child, our daughter was doted upon and treated like the princess that she is.  The thought of her going off to college where she didn’t know anyone was a concern.  Thinking about her being there without us for the first time in her life was downright frightening to me.  She was thrilled to start this new adventure.  She’s a beautiful easy going, fun, down-to-earth young woman, and she had every right to be excited about this new journey she was about to begin.  As her mother, I was also excited for her, but I had the normal fears that every parent experiences when they send their children out into the world for the first time.  I was anxious and worried, not only about her being happy in this new place, but I was seriously worried about her safety.

The community that she is going to school in is a safe, closed-knit college town, but I still knew that anything could happen to anyone, anywhere, and at any time, regardless of the location.  With news reports practically every week about the atrocities that go on, even in the safest, most respected cities and towns in our country, I knew that we had to make sure she was educated and prepared for anything that may have threatened her safety.  She had taken self-protection classes in high school, and those offered some self defense techniques, but it wasn’t an extensive course.  I didn’t feel confident that if something, or more specifically someone, threatened her safety, that she would be able to defend her self against an attack of any kind.  After a little research to find things that she could use safely and efficiently against an attacker, it became apparent to me that there were not only hundreds and hundreds of products on the market, but those products can be very expensive.  One can not put a price tag on safety, especially your children’s safety, but it didn’t have to outrageously expensive either.

A great and wonderful family friend told me about a site that she’d found quite by accident and had made a recent purchase for a niece after her graduation.  She told me that if I took a look at this site, I would not have to go any further that that to find everything I needed for my daughter.  i pulled up the urban self protection website that very evening, and as often is the case, my friend was exactly right.  It was like a parent’s dream come true in regard to their child’s  safety needs.  Everything, and I do mean everything, that my daughter could possibly need to protect herself in every way was offered by this company.  From room alarms to pepper sprays are available.  And what’s even more outstanding is that you can get all of the necessary products together, along with reports on safety and safety issues especially related to college students.

The urban self protection package is amazing.  The particular package that I chose was even designed with college girls in mind.  The package contained 4 different kinds of pepper spray, one of which is a lipstick pepper spray.  How brilliant is that! It also included 2 different alarms and a safe, along with an instructional DVD.  it is just simply perfect and has given us a lot more peace of mind.  Sending our daughter off to college still wasn’t an easy thing to do, but at least it wasn’t nearly as scary as I first imagined it to be.  Protecting our little girl has always been our number one priority, and it is so wonderful to see that there is a company who also has our daughter, and every one else’s college-bound son or daughter, as their number one priority too.  This outstanding urban self protection kit certainly allows me to sleep a little easier at night, and to a parent, that means the world.

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