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Protecting Your Family In Dangerous Times

Home invasion robbery is one of the more frightening and dangerous crimes that can happen to a family. A home invasion robbery is when robbers force their way into your home, condo or apartment to commit robbery and possibly other crimes. Some consider home invasion a residential form of carjacking and it’s on the rise. There are major differences between residential burglary and home invasion. For instance, residential burglars work mostly during the day when a home is more likely to be unoccupied. Most work alone and looking for the right opportunity. Alert neighbors, barking dogs, strong locks and doors can sometimes deter burglars. Most burglars avoid confrontation and there is seldom violence.

Home invasion thou is a totally different situation and robbers are seeking homes that are occupied and often work at night and on weekends when families are more likely to be in the home. They’ll target home wealthier homes or maybe a senior citizen they perceive has money and items that can be converted to quick cash in the residence. Often, home invaders have been in your home before as a installer, handyman or delivery person. These criminals seldom work alone and once you’ve been targeted they’ll sometimes just kick open the door and confront and terrorize everyone inside. However it’s more common for these thugs to just knock on your front door or ring the door bell. People still open doors before checking and once the doors open they’ll coming rushing in using fear and intimidation to control their victims. Some robbers after gaining control, will eat a meal take a nap or even watch TV. But a major concern is that the brutal home invasion escalates to more violence like sexual assault, rape or even murder. Many of these thugs are bold enough to kidnap a victim and force them to withdraw cash from an ATM or take a small business owner to their business and rob it as well.

As simple as it sounds, planning and education will protect your family from being victimized by a home invasion. Parents should have a meeting to discuss a plan of action when a strangers at the door. I recommend having a couple 1lb Wildfire Pepper Spray cannisters at strategic places in the home. Install 3″ screws in a heavy duty strike plate of the door frame and make sure the door is solid and if your door doesn’t have a peephole install one. Also, remembering the following will keep your home secure…

Use door peephole BEFORE opening door

Never open the door to strangers or solicitors

Keep garage door closed and doors locked

Never rely on chain-latch as a barrier to a partially opened door

Install motion activated spot light hidden camera DVR at entrance of your front door

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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