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Purchase Hidden Camera with Built-In DVR for Reliable Surveillance

The middle school in the city was my cousin’s first assignment as its new principal.  However, I have heard that this school was one of the worst in the city due to behavioral problems and the presence of gangs, vandals, petty thieves, and truants.

When the superintendent of the district called me, we talked about this problem at length.  I suggested that we should put a hidden camera with built in DVR in strategic locations in the school to monitor the students.

The school district felt it was time to do something to address this problem of the school so my plans were supported. We installed working wall clocks with secret camera and DVR.

Students never noticed that the Exit Sign at the end of the hallway had a hidden camera with built in DVR system as well.  It has an SD card that records everything the camera captured.

We had two spy cameras inside the library.  One was the desk lamp on the librarian’s table and the other one was the air purifier near the door.  They were placed so that each can capture a wider area even after school time.

In my own office, the alarm clock that I placed on my table contained the covert camera and the DVR system.  This hidden camera with built in DVR can be automatically activated when motion is detected.

During a faculty meeting to discuss the school’s thrust to minimize, if not curtail, the students’ behavioral problems, I encouraged the teachers to equip themselves with either a pen camera or a watch camera whenever they are in school. The pen camera is an effective hidden camera with built in DVR since it can also record sounds.  I can write like a normal pen and a simple click can start recording.

With the embedded SD card in most of these spy cameras, we were able to view all the recordings regularly from a computer or from a TV with the RCA cable that can be connected to them. There are so many useful applications for this surveillance technology that can document what’s taking place in a school, business or home.

For instance, the above video came from a hidden surveillance camera installed in the home to monitor how the trusted nanny cared for their infant while parents were at work. It’s scary to think what other abuse took place out of view of the camera.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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