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Purchase Intruder Alarm Devices Like the Auto Dialer with Security Alarm

It is a constant concern for my neighbor to monitor his small print shop located in the neighborhood because he also has a full-time job.  They entrust the day to day operation of the store to two employees because his wife is working as well.

I told him to purchase intruder alarm products to help ease his anxiety.  He agreed to that idea.  I told him to use his online connection at his office to do some research on inexpensive security alarm products.

Since he had no previous knowledge of how to purchase intruder alarm tools, he started by getting information about these devices.  He spent a lot of time online because the first ones he saw were for big applications.

He discovered more about the Auto Dialer with Security Alarm while learning online where to purchase intruder alarm devices that will fit his immediate needs.  The Auto Dialer with Security Alarm is just what he needed for his business.

Even with its small size of 6″ in height, 3 1/4 in width, and 1 1/2″ in thickness, the Auto Dialer with Security Alarm has the features of a standard unit.  Any area that you select will be monitored by its passive infrared system.

When armed, the motion detector of the Auto Dialer with Security Alarm scans the selected area.  The moment motion is detected, a 105 dB security alarm will sound and its auto dialer will dial the 5 preset phone numbers that you selected.

Once in the shop, he can choose the Chime mode, and a chime will alert him when motion is detected. The Auto Dialer is easy to set-up and is powered by 9 volt battery.  It has an AC adaptor and a phone line.  He has to put the dialer into the desired location 5 to 6 feet above the floor.

After learning about alarm and security products, he and his wife are considering installing an IP camera that will provide additional peace of mind.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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