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Recommendations Concerning How To Protect Expensive Home Studio Equipment From Thieves


Customers like this one understand the value of covert home surveillance

I’m a multi-instrumentalist doing work at the moment as part of a touring music band for a R&B group based out of New York City. I have no loved ones to leave behind even though my home is loaded with expensive recording equipment, musical instruments as well as music memorabilia.

Since I am rarely ever at home, I employ a housekeeper full-time however I would be hard-pressed to rely on anyone completely besides, perhaps, my mother. Rather, I allow an iPod hidden camera DVR dock station oversee the person I’ve entrusted to safeguard my residence.

Because no one else is around to oversee the housekeeper, monitoring cameras help ensure she’s being productive and no unauthorized visitors are in the home. Cleverly disguised cameras perform this task  discreetly and nobody will be aware their being watched.

The secret, I have discovered, is in the choice of disguise. For instance, don’t put an alarm clock hidden camera dvr in a location no one sleeps. It makes 100% sense for my bedroom to have a completely functional iPod dock station, which is also a spy cam.

Just like any docking station, this particular gadget will charge my iPod using a built-in dock connector while being an actual clock radio. On the side, it hides a mini spy camera which keeps an eye on my valuable possessions as well as on the home sitter.

Security cameras equipped with a built-in DVR are especially heaven-sent, since the recording capability is integrated into the camera. These could begin recording straight out of the box without any set up necessary, the same as plug and play gadgets.

Video playback is such a no-brainer that it will put my easiest audio recording devices to shame. Either I connect the camera to the television set or similar screen via the provided RCA cable or place the SD card right into a computer with or through an SD card reader. Where can i buy spy gear online is something I never need to worry about anymore.

I look at the video recordings shot by my iPod hidden camera DVR dock station whenever I am at the house, or I get my mom to drop in and do it for me. That is precisely how I have come to keep my housekeeper  all through these years.

Also, I have a home office that I keep secure and nobody but me should ever enter. To make sure that’s the case, I placed an office hidden camera dvr in the room that I check immediately after returning from a road trip.

She’s demonstrated that she can be trusted which gives me greater peace of mind my expensive home equipment and entertainment system will be there when I return from a road trip.

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