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Recommendations Regarding How To Bust Unfaithful Partners With A Convenient Spy Device

Portable Car Key Hidden Camera with DVR & Audio

I had long thought a friends husband of being unfaithful on her. Sadly I could not approach her about it with only a hunch to go on with.

Deeply worried about this chums happiness I decided to become a detective for a day. To accomplish my objective I went looking for the smallest hidden camera which I could tote around without difficulty.

Among the choices of covert cameras I found a car key hidden camera to be perfect for what I was about to do. It looks just like a common remote car key but works as a video camera that also captures sound and features a built-in DVR.

Surveillance cameras these days are designed to look like common objects in order to make secret observations much more effectively. They normally can be utilized straightaway meaning without set up when they come with an integrated recording device.

With this particular car key hidden camera DVR with audio I can check recordings by simply connecting it into my computer using its USB cord. When plugged the battery also recharges which could then be used for approximately an hour. Its 8GB memory can hold 3 hours worth of recorded material.

I planned on capturing the cheating spouse in the act by following him around. So I staked out outside his place of work and waited for him to get off work. I was rewarded when instead of following the way to his house he was going another way.

It would have been difficult to tail my subject had I been lugging huge camera equipment. But mainly because a car key spy camera is small enough to put inside the pocket and take it out when needed I was able to carry out my task with ease.

A few minutes of video was more than enough to convince my good friend that her partner was indeed fooling around. It was extra helpful that I looked for the smallest hidden camera to aid me in accomplishing this mission.

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