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Restaurant Security Cameras – Monitor Your Kitchen And Protect Your Investment

The kitchen of your restaurant has much of  the most expensive equipment. Valuable recipes as well as kitchen personnel should be protected and monitored at all times.

Many restaurants are starting to monitor the customer seating areas of their restaurants with security cameras.  These cameras can provide many benefits to vigilant owners.  Security cameras that are well placed on the dining room of your restaurant can be very useful in alerting you and other personnel when customers are leaving, letting the management or servers check to ensure that the bill has been settled, and to begin clearing the table for the next customers.  Beyond the obvious, these cameras can also be used to monitor the wait staff, providing valuable information on how the staff are working and how customers are fairing with their dining, so you can dispatch managers to the tables of disturbed customers, or dispatch a server if it appears that customers are not receiving care that meets your standards.

When considering cameras for your restaurant, take into consideration the entrances and exits.  Cameras placed in the locations can deliver the best picture for identification of personnel and customers if needed later.  However, in the case of front door areas ensure that the camera will not be positioned in a backlight condition.  During daylight hours, light coming through the front windows behind customers that are walking in, will reduce the brightness of the faces of customers because the cameras will adjust to the brighter outdoor area.  Therefore, cameras in the entryways should be positioned to look instead at the faces of customers, but positioned to reduce backlight conditions.

Also, you should consider placing cameras above your cash registers, this will allow you to keep track of cashflow into and out of the registers, as well as monitor credit cards.  Especially as economic times get tough, more and more stores of credit card fraud increase, and often authorities rely on restaurant security cameras for evidence.  Most restaurant owners and managers think that their employees wouldn’t do that, but statistics show that restaurants have higher levels of employee theft that even retail stores.  Restaurant security cameras placed to in such a way to cover the registers can help to deter this theft, and certainly provide evidence while possibly even alerting managers to the existence of any problems. The smoke detector hidden dvr camera is a popular choice to monitor activities near the cash drawer.

If you still have a budget remaining after coverage of entries and exits and registers, the dining area of the restaurant can provide additional value-added information to restaurant managers and owners.  Wide angle cameras such as the exit sign hidden camera with built-in dvr placed over the kitchen rear exit and entrance will help you monitor any food taken from the kitchen freezer by entrusted employees.  Restaurant security cameras will also assist managers in watching for customers who are waiting for their server or are dissatisfied with their food.  This can allow you to promptly respond to problems, leading to better customer experiences.  When used appropriately, restaurant security cameras used in this method can help improve the entire customer perception of your restaurant, while still providing the security that you need.

Restaurant security cameras monitor activities in the kitchen and guard against employee theft.




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