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Safeguarding Yourself Using Undetectable Self-Defense Weapons

Self-defense weapons can be non lethal, which is precisely what stun guns provide. They can incapacitate an opponent temporarily for a few moments to allow you to escape from real danger and seek for rescue.

Nowadays there are small stun guns available in the market for those with smaller hands. Like their larger cousins, slim stun guns can also be as effective in halting would-be enemies. They could give electric shock toward the body that is non lethal and would not induce long term harm.

Tiny stun guns as well as bigger ones could stun targets upon direct contact with just about any portion of the body. There is a band which you can affix to your wrist to prevent dropping the self-defense weapon in the event you get to battle against the attacker.

Power coming from a self-defense stun gun gets dumped on the muscles, interfering with the sugar conversion process. Because of this, the assailant will be unable to move.

Because it is non deadly, a small stun gun unleashes energy that will only affect the one who receives it. Even if the enemy touches you, there is no chance of the electricity passing through your body.

I have just lately acquired the Z-Force stun gun, which can give 100,000 volts. There’s also the ones that can deliver 300,000 volts to the attacker. Even with a little weapon, I currently have enough defense to let me to break free.

Having a small stun gun, you also can have a non fatal weapon at your disposal that could simply be carried in you handbag or your pocket. In case you are walking in an abandoned area, you could take it in your hand without the attacker being aware of it. This provides an element of surprise that works well to your advantage.

There are, nonetheless, states that do not allow ordinary people to carry even non lethal weapons, just like a small stun gun. You have to check initially with your state if it is legal to have one.

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