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Safety Tips for College Students to Avoid Being Victimized

Students heading off to college are typically going to live in a dorm, apartment or off-campus university housing. Unfortunately, criminals are fully aware of the vulnerability of these young female students and target college campuses and nearby housing complexes.  There are many safety tips for college students and non-lethal self defense products available online that will protect you from being victimized by criminals.

Of course one of the most common safety tips for college students is to travel in groups or pairs when traveling across campus especially at night. These safety tips for college students are great advice but it is not always an option particularly when so many female college students are living in off-campus university housing.  That’s why it’s recommended that college students should always carry some form of  self defense to safeguard against being victimized by an attacker.

Defense Sprays or Pepper Sprays are a good choice for a college student because they are lightweight, easy to conceal and not lethal to an attacker.  Pepper Spray is a very effective means of non-lethal self defense and offers piece of mind to the students as well as the parents.  It is stressful enough for parents to know that their children are away from home and often in unpredictable situations, so if their child is armed with a canister of pepper spray, it will help knowing their college daughter is not defenseless against an attacker.

Safety tips for college students should include a personal alarm.  Personal alarms are made in many different versions but most are compact and easy to carry.  Personal alarms are designed to emit ear piercing decibels of sound and give most assailants no desire to stick around.  Some alarms are also designed to be hung on a door knob so they can also serve as off-campus apartment or dorm room protection.

Self defense and personal protection products offer an inexpensive and effective means of safety when college students are subject to the cruelties of criminals.  Safety tips for college students and personal protection devices are usually the furthest thought from both young and older students but should never be overlooked. Non-lethal personal protection and safety devices should be added to every female college student’s “back to school” list of supplies.  It only takes one assailant and one defenseless college student to impact many lives, for many years.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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