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SafetyTips for Parents with Daughter Going Off To College For The First Time

The following information has been helpful for parents with daughter going off to college…

If you have a child going off to college for the first time, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by trying to prepare them for their move into a college dorm.  Letting go is hard for parents to do, but you can boost both your child’s confidence and your confidence in their abilities by putting together a college dorm checklist freshman students can work on independently.

When putting together a college dorm checklist freshman need to consider all of the basics of a dorm room.  The first thing on every college checklist for kids moving into a dorm for the first time is to do a dorm inspection.  Before your child even considers moving into a dorm room, they should clean it and thoroughly inspect it for damages, broken utilities, and other issues.  They should write down everything they find as concisely and accurately as possible and give the resident adviser (RA) or housing office a copy.  They should get a representative’s signature and should keep a copy of this list themselves for move out.  Once the inspection is done and all the necessary replacements and repairs have been made, then your college student can actually begin the process of moving into their dorm room.

When it comes to decorating the dorm room, your kid should work from the ground up.  On their checklist, the next thing should do is put down throw rugs and other floor coverings on their side of the room.  These coverings not only make their side of the room feel more personalized but also protect dorm room floors from damages that can be caused by regular wear and tear.

On the college dorm checklist freshman should do their best to put the furnishings on their side of the room in a position that is both space saving and user friendly.  Pushing the desk up against the bed may seem like a good idea to conserve space, but the truth is that furnishings need to be as easy to use as they are space saving.

For linens, towels, and other items that your kid will need to change regularly, a rolling Rubbermaid drawer cart is a great decision to make.  It is convenient and space saving while at the same time easy for your freshman to roll into their closet to keep sage when they aren’t in their room.  Their bedding should be made up of a variety of new sheets and blankets as well as comfortable and familiar ones from their room at home.  Using familiar pillows and comforters can make the adjustment to dorm life go much more smoothly.

All in all, the most important part of your son or daughter going away to college for the first time is letting them know that they have all the tools to make it, but that you are still there if they hit any road bumps.

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