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Self Defense Kit for Women Will Stop an Attacker

While most women don’t carry it, having pepper spray prevented an Escondido, California female from being raped by an unknown male attacker.  This sexual predator grabbed the woman from behind and tossed her to the ground.  The attacker then reportedly tried to cut off the 25-year-old victim’s pants with a knife, but she sprayed the asssailant in the face with pepper spray similiar to what’s included in the Self Defense Kit For Women.

After the attacker was pepper sprayed  in the face, he immediately stopped the brutal attack and ran away.  Aquiring a Self Defense Kit For Women is an effective equalizer for all women determined not to be victimized by street thugs and other violent criminals.

We recommend every woman and female college student carry OC pepper spray and the Self Defense Kit For Women continues to be a vital resource for non-lethal self defense and personal protection for women.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban



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