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Self Defense Products Designed for Women

Lets face it.  This can be a pretty unsafe world for women out there.  Sometimes its just hard to be a woman because you can be subjected to so many types of violent crimes.  Well, the good news is that you don’t have to put up with that kind of thing anymore.  If you look up self defense weapons women you will find that there is a plethora of weapons that women can use for self defense these days.  You don’t have to rely on sheer brute force to get an attacker to leave you alone.  Now you can choose from an array of self defense products that will help to keep you safe and will keep any potential attackers at bay.

The best part about these self defense weapons is you don not have to have years of training to use it.  Almost any woman who wants to be sage can take advantage of these products.  Some of the self defense weapons women can use to protect themselves are really nice because you can conceal them in your purse or even the palm of your hand.   Take pepper spray for instance.  If you feel like you are being followed or if someone is giving you a hard time then you can keep a small container of pepper spray on a key chain and that can disable a grown man right on the spot.  You have to be sure that this type of self defense weapon is legal for you to use in your area and it can be a great alternative for women who are opposed to carrying something more serious like a gun.  I recommend that most of my female friends carry this type of self defense weapon around with them because it requires little to no training to use it safely.

One of the other really popular self defense weapons women can use to keep themselves safe are stun guns.  These are a little more serious than a pepper spray because they could cause harm to yourself if you do not have the right training.  But, if you are really worried about being able to hit an attacker with a spray in the eyes then a stun gun is what you need to feel safe.

You can target an attacker anywhere on their body with a stun gun and it is a great self defense weapon for a woman because it will take them down.  You won’t have to aim for any particular area and if you follow the directions then they will be completely disabled and this will allow you to get away from the scene unharmed.  Make sure you choose your self defense weapon wisely and always get the right training on how to use it.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!


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