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Self Defense Products That’ll Keep You Safe at College

The following story is from parent that understands these are dangerous times…

Our daughter was going away to college and we wanted to purchase an urban personal protection that would help keep her safe.  My daughter is a healthy, beautiful girl and I know she can handle herself in most things, but you never know when you are going to come up against something or someone whose main goal is to do you harm.   In this day and age you can never bee too safe or too careful.  With all of the predators out there you have to be ready for them because they are ready to hurt you.

My daughter and I had taken a mother daughter self defense course and we both did really well.  But finding an extra thing like urban personal protection would also help put my mind at ease.  So I went to the internet to do a little research and search for anything related to urban personal protection.  I found a lot of interesting facts that I really didn’t know about crime but none of them made me feel good at all.  But they made me more determined to help my daughter to be prepared while she was out on her own.

We decided to take a fresher course in our self defense, and this class was a lot more intense than the one we had taken at the local high school.  This one I believe really gave us both a better sense of what to do if we are ever approached by a stranger that planned on harming us.  So when I was surfing online I found your website, it had loads of great information for both my daughter and myself to stay safe.  The first thing I bought was the college survival kit for my daughter.  It had so much great information in the packet and products in the kit that helped me give a great sense of security for my daughter. One of the other great things they had were the personal alarms systems.  I bought three of the mace/alarm screamers one for my daughter and myself and one for my mother too.

I think all women should be prepared and aware of the possible dangers that women face.  All in all I found your website so helpful in everything I needed to help my daughter get ready for college.  I know some people would say I am over protected, but in reality I feel that I am only giving my daughter all of the tools to stay safe in  a new area, where she may not be as familiar as she is when she is at home. Thanks to your website, I was able to get more information and protection not just for my daughter but for myself and my mother too.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

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