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Sexual Assault On College Campuses

Sexual assault on college campuses is a silent epidemic.  It doesn’t matter what college campus you send your daughter off to, the statistics are the same, 1 in 4 females attending college will be the victim of rape or attempted rape.  That’s a scary statistic that they don’t tell you about on college visits and is rarely accurately reported in crime statistics.

Also, college systems consistently fail the victims.  Various reports show that anywhere from 95% to 88% of college rapes are never reported and 42% of the victims never tell anyone about their attack.  Of the ones that are reported, few fail to press any kind of charges for fear of being “raped” again by a system where more and more colleges have policies that protect rapist and the rape culture choosing to say that these are “teachable moments” rather than handing down punishment.  In fact, of all rapists in general, not just college rapists, less than 6% ever serve any time in a correctional facility and probably less than that percent of college rapist receive any kind of reprimand from the college.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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