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Smart Phone Security System

Installing a smart phone security system is an effective way to monitor your business or private property when your away. Android, iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry work with this new technology. Unlike analog cameras, a smart phone security system utilizes an ip address to transmit video through a network using Ethernet/Cat5 cable and connects directly into your computer or DVR. A smart phone security system allows you to login remotely via your iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or Android phone, and view “live” video or playback recorded images on the DVR. Today’s smart phone security system allows you to set-up email to notify you of motion. Our smart phone security system will support up to 16 ip cameras and includes set-up viewing software. Because IP cameras for the smart phone security system connects to any computer, DVR or existing network , very little if any additional hardware is needed. The smart phone security system makes it easy for smartphone owners to see what’s going on in or around their business, home or personal property when away.

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