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Smartphones Can Monitor Mischievous Pets While at Work

Use your Android phone, iPhone or IPad to monitor the activities of your mischievous pets when your away at work. Pet owners often wonder if their dog or cat is misbehaving when they leave the home. Installing a wired or wireless indoor IP camera at strategic places in the home is a great way to catch’em in the act. Today’s smartphones such as the Android and iPhone allow you to view what’s going on at your home or business while your on the Go! Our wired or wireless IP camera can even notify you via email if motion is detected in an area of the home, that is off-limits to both pets and people. Smartphones like the Android, iPhone and BlackBerry are very effective in covertly monitoring activities inside and around the home. Because IP cameras can connect into a network, you can login remotely and view “live” or playback video.

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Gerald Urban

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