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Spring Is Here, Don’t Invite Yourself to Be Victimized!

Always be aware of surroundings when parking car and remove visible electronics such as; laptops, ipods, mp3 players and GPS devices. It may seem like common sense but I’m always amazed what I can see inside neighbors vehicles that are parked next to me on the street. Criminals are desperate for quick cash and leaving these type items visible is just asking to be a Smash-n-Grab for criminals. And students, please don’t walk the campus or near by park areas at night with your music blasting through the ear-buds of your Ipod or MP3. Your just asking to be mugged or worse. Finally, when living in an urban area. It’s always a good idea to carry non-lethal personal protection such as a Pretender 4.5 Million Volt Cell Phone Stun Gun or Taser.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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