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St. Louis Metro Bus Commuter Attacked and Raped

It’s hard to believe that some creep could force a woman off a Metro Bus at gunpoint while other riders on the bus just watched. I understand the thug had a gun but couldn’t  someone alert the driver to contact police? Another sad example that the only person you can count on to come to your defense when being victimized is YOU! 

Also, never allow an attacker to take you to a second location. Your chances of getting help and survival are much greater if you remain at the site of the initial assault. Why?…because an abductor wants to take you somewhere he’s comfortable and there aren’t any witnesses to the crime. Which means he can kill you then dump your body when he’s done raping you and whatever else he has in mind.

Non-lethal personal protection such as a stun gun or key chain pepper spray are available online. An extremely effective Wildfire pepper spray is only $10. But sadly, most women spend hundreds of dollars on make-up and cosmetics but won’t invest in a self defense product that can save their life!

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

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