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St. Louis: The Most Dangerous City In America

Anyone who has ever driven to a St. Louis Cardinal’s baseball game or Rams football game, knows that parts of St. Louis City look like a warzone, homes and storefronts are crumbling.  Even though the suburban population has ballooned to approximately 3 million, the frequently quoted population of St. Louis City is roughly356,000.

Believe it or not, car thefts and break-ins are so common in many neighborhoods that the city actually post signs in the public parking areas warning city visitors not to leave valuables visible in their vehicles.  Sadly, in the Most Dangerous City in America. Murders are common on local television news.  There is a murder reported on the news every few days in the Most Dangerous City in America.  The murder rate in St. Louis is about 4 times higher than the murder rate in New York City.  Again, St. Louis City has a population of only about 356,000.

There have been 130 homocides in the St. Louis City so far this year and as recently as yesterday a man was shot in the neck and murdered by two intruders in his apartment.  These are dangerous times in St. Louis, the Most Dangerous City in America.

While St. Louis public officials argue about ranking methods, St. Louis City neighborhoods afflicted with poverty and violence must live with violent crime in their community on a daily basis.  St. Louis violent crime impacts real human beings, most of whom are not criminals, but for the most part are too poor to move elsewhere.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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