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St. Louis the Most Dangerous City in America

Anyone who has driven to a St. Louis Cardinal’s baseball game, know that parts of St. Louis, MO look like a war zone. Abandoned homes, warehouses and buildings are crumbling throughout the city. Though the suburban population has ballooned to approximately 3 million, the frequently quoted population of St. Louis city is roughly 356,000.
Believe it or not, car thefts and break-ins are so common in many parts of the community that the city actually post signs in public parking areas warning city visitors not to leave valuables visible in their vehicles or better yet not at all.
Sadly, in the most dangerous city in America. Murders have become common on local television news channels. St. Louis residents can expect a murder to be reported every few days in the most dangerous city in America. The murder rate in St. Louis is about 4 times higher than the murder rate in New York. Again, St. Louis City has a population of only about 356,000. As of this writing, there have been 130 homicides in St. Louis City so far this year and as recently as this past weekend there was a man and woman shot and murdered in 2 unrelated crimes. There was also a police officer shot in the face while sitting in an unmarked car in North County. The above video is another example of the senseless violence that fearful law abiding residents must endure living in Murder City USA. These are dangerous times in St. Louis, The Most Dangerous City in America.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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