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Stay Safe With A College Care Package Like The Extreme College Survival Kit

Thank you for contributing your own personal experiences such as the one that follows in an effort to prevent others from being victimized…

My college schedule can put me in dangerous situations.  I attend to a lot of school activities and I often can not go home early.  My mom found me a College Care Package in The Extreme College Survival Kit from SafeFamilyLife.

This complete defense package was put together by specialists to stop crimes that particularly victimize college students. The tools included in this self defense kit helped save my life during a dreadful experience.

I had to be out late due to a meeting.  I was walking towards my dorm when a man tried to take hold of my bag.  I was not daunted although he carried a knife.  I used my lipstick pepper spray that the College Care Package offered.

It came to me upon arriving home that the SafeFamilyLife College Care Kit can truly be used for various purposes.  There was the nap alarm so I stay awake when driving.  There were three pepper sprays: with a visor clip, with a wall mount, and with a keychain.

The College Care Package also contains a book diversion safe where I hide some valuables so no one will know where to steal them.

Safety reports come with the Extreme College Survival Kit from SafeFamilyLife as well.  I am better off after reading the reports on roommates, college rape and campus safety tips.

Since I was not familiar with the usage of pepper sprays and diversion safes, the accompanying instructional DVD and user manual were what I needed.  I learned how to use the protective equipment I now have and how I can enhance their performance.

I live everyday of college to the fullest, thanks to the SafeFamilyLife College Care Package.  I am confident having an assurance of safety about discovering new things where my skills and abilities will be honed.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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