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Stun Guns For Your Personal Safety

There are many things to consider for personal safety and protection. One inexpensive option may be a stun gun. There are several reasons to consider them.

Personal protection: An electroshock weapon can protect you. Electricity can stun someone and incapacitate them long enough for you to escape danger. You can buy a stun gun in many styles and sizes. When you touch someone with the weapon, it will administer a shock.

Overall safety: These guns are known as non-lethal self defense weapons. They are not designed to kill. Although they employ high voltage, it does no permanent damages. The electric current is distributed within the body. The current is also well below lethal levels.  Electricity will not transfer to you if you are touching the attacker while applying shock.

Convenience: You can get more than one use with a single charge. This could be very important in an emergency. With defensive sprays, you may have to target the face or eyes. You can use a stun gun most anywhere. They are easy to recharge. With some, you just plug them into an electrical outlet. Others may use easy to find batteries. There is not a great deal of training involved in handling these weapons. Firearms require significantly more training. You can easily carry a non-lethal weapon in your pocket or purse. You will not need a concealed weapon permit in many states.

Stopping power: You may bring an attacker down suddenly with a shock. This will depend on the length of the shock. It also depends on the amount of voltage applied. You may have as long as fifteen minutes to escape danger, in some cases. A short shock may cause someone to become disoriented. They may also become confused. This can give you time to get away.

Very high voltage: You can buy stun guns guns with up to 4.5 million volts. This will give you extra power. You may want to be sure that you can stop an attacker. This will work better if the attacker is wearing heavy clothes. You will stand a much better chance of penetrating that way.

Cell phone stun gun: A stun gun can resemble a cell phone. They can be very powerful and easy to carry. It may be more effective than many weapons. If an attacker does not know someone is armed, they can be caught off guard easier. They would not try to duck or dodge a cell phone, until it is too late. Many of these guns also have a dual purpose. You may also use them as a flashlight.

Flashlight stun gun: You can buy a stun gun that is also a flashlight. This gives you a multipurpose tool to carry with you. You can get flashlight guns that are small enough to conceal in your hand. Some are very big and cast a strong beam of light. You can also find flashlight guns that have a personal alarm which is an additional safety feature.

Stun guns offer a great variety in personal protection and personal safety. The are not expensive. You may be able to repel or disable an attacker. Some come with other features like flashlights and alarms. They are legal to carry in many states.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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