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Suggestions For Protecting Confidential Business Information

Lens Finder Bug Detector

There’s technology available today that effectively safeguards confidential business information.

We recently found out that a spy for our competitor had bugged our office conference area with a covert video camera. This led to a big loss for the organization. As head of security I had to take added measures to prevent it from happening once more.

The first thing on my list was to discover how to find a hidden camera. I had to make sure that all areas where confidential information was talked about were kept protected. While looking for choices on the web I discovered the existence of spy video camera finders.

Covert cams are not very easy to find so I was glad to discover bug locators that would help make the process of finding them a lot easier. I simply needed to find a suitable choice coming from the different types of spy trackers offered.

From the selection I selected a frequency counter bug detector. If you already know the place the spy cameras is located this device aids by informing you of the frequency that the bug is running on.

In my readings I discovered that this covert video camera detector offers the newest hand-held frequency detection technology. This is furnished with advanced microprocessor circuitry that supposedly offers the accurate detection of wireless transmissions.

The spy locator is also constructed with a signal strength meter as well as sensitivity control. Any kind of frequency that is found is displayed on the LCD monitor making the gadget fairly simple to operate.

The moment I got the big tracker I made sure that the security group scanned different places including offices and also conference rooms. I would like this to become a regular routing to be able to strengthen office security. During the preliminary search we discovered more covert spy cams and disposed of them immediately.

Learning how to find a hidden camera has surely come in handy for our company. From now on not one of our competitors will be able to get away with taking our ideas. The next thing on my list is to discover who installed those surveillance cameras in the first place.

The lens finder bug detector is very compact yet will instantly alert the user when a concealed camera is present in a room.


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