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Tasers for Nurses Helps Me Keep My Distance From An Attacker

For three years now, my sister has rented rented an apartment in an urban community close to the university where she attended school. Now, she’s accepted a job offer where the hospital is located in a city that has been recognized nationally as the most dangerous city in America.

I’m well aware of the unfortunate incidents that may happen to single women who reside on their very own, from rape to murder.  I also know about Tasers for nurses and acquired one as a gift to her for non-lethal self defense. She was surprised by it’s lightweight sleek design which is pink in color.

A Taser stun gun is confirmed to be much better than a 9 mm hand gun in its ability to incapacitate.  It shoots out 2 darts affixed to 15 foot wire holding 50,000 volts of electrical power, which lets me maintain a safe distance from an attacker.  It’s also a stun gun that I can use for close quarter defense.  Tasers can penetrate even a two inch thickness of clothes.

Cartridges tagged with serial numbers and marked with an Anti-Felon Identification method are utilized in every Taser stun gun.  This progrm discharges a maximum of 30 serialized paper tags when triggered.  The characteristic enables the identification of a unit’s owner for police to watch feasible misuse.

Tasers for nurses are successful protection weapons since they feature two-pronged safety as being a long-distance defense and as being a backup protection at close proximity.  One variant, the Taser M26C, is patterned following the law enforcement model, the Superior Taser M26, and comes in black.

Options of a Taser C2 with Laser Sight and without Laser Sight are perfect Tasers for nurses, since they are easy to function.  These with laser sight are offered in black, blue, red, silver, fashion pink, metallic pink and yellow.  The ones without laser sight are provided in black.

An alternative that is light-weight and software-upgradable will be the Taser X26C.  It functions a digitable power magazine that displays details around the battery stage, energy use, existence span of your journal, and guarantee.  This really is available in black and clear, each with silver grip plates, or yellow with black grip plates.

You may say that Tasers for nurses did not add my sister increasing statistics of female victims.  She left for home hurriedly one night after leaving the hospital.  As she arrived at her apartment and stepped out of her vehicle, she saw an unknown male standing by the path to her apartment .  Sensing danger, she reached in her purse and grabbed the pink Taser device, ready to take a shot if he made a move towards her. Fortunately, he didn’t walk in her direction and so she safely entered her apartment. However, just knowing she was carrying an effective personal protection weapon gave her peace of mind that she’s not defenseless if ever attacked by some creep.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

Gerald Urban

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