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The Benefits of Home Care Hidden Cameras

Home care hidden cameras will guard and protect sick or elderly loved ones from being victimized by dishonest caregivers and service personnel visiting the home of a loved one. We’ve all heard or seen media reports about senior citizens being taken advantage of ┬áby visiting nurses and caregivers families entrusted to keep their loved one safe from harm. I’ll never forget the story several months ago about an elderly patient with Alzheimer’s being abused and mistreated in a nursing home. Her son suspected physical abuse because of the unexplained red marks he saw on her face when he visited the nursing home. After his concerns were seemingly ignored or not taken seriously, he took action and placed a spy camera in the room with the same features as our home care hidden cameras to document and record video evidence of the abuse.

The benefits of home care hidden cameras such as our fully functional Air Purifier Hidden Camera with Built-in DVR, is that it features a motion activation sensor that only records when motion is detected. The camera is run through the air purifier’s power cord. Also, recorded video images are stored on a SD card that can be viewed from a computer or smartphone. Home care hidden cameras in nursing home will be just as effective at watching over a loved one and guarding against elderly abuse and theft. Families appreciate the value of having home care hidden cameras in either a residence or nursing home environment.

Crime Is Real, Don’t Be a Victim!

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