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The Importance Of Survival Kits And Skills

Living in an urban area can be stressful as well as dangerous which is why it is a good idea to learn urban self defense. With the constant chance of being mugged or robbed in your home, terrorist attacks, mass transit disasters urban self defense skills are of high importance.  Not only is self defense important but also survival checklists.  You should are yourself with a kit which can help you to immediately deal with very small issues that can occur on a day to day basis. You should add things to your list based on your specific needs.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends that every single home have at the very least a basic emergency kit which can assist you in several disasters.  You should always keep a first aid kit in basic disaster kits as well.

This first aid supply typically has all of the essentials such as gauze, antiseptic, petroleum jelly and other items.  This kit should include clothes, sleeping bags, sunscreen as well as solid shoes.  Make sure that you also have all of your basic sanitation supplies such as toilet paper, garbage bags and bleach.  Having the most needed skills is just as important as having all of the right materials on hand.

According to the SAS Urban Survival Handbook, 95 percent of all of Americas traffic related accidents usually occurs in congested built up areas.  You should do your best to not become a part of this statistic by making sure that you are employing constant vigilance while you drive.  If you drive around a bus, make sure that you watch for pedestrians getting on and off.  You should stay away from taxis which seem to drive by their own laws.  Make sure that you never forget to slow down and pullover for police or other emergency vehicle sirens.  You should always be cautious of areas in which kids are at play and watch for movement around any parked cars; a child may run out at any time.  Make sure that you always keep your windshield clean for your driving at night, and always go a little slower in bad weather.

When you live in an urban environment, this will mean living amongst more crime.  One item on your survival checklist needs to be preparing yourself for any possible physical attacks.  You should consider taking an urban self defense class which will teach you how to walk in a way that will discourage people from trying to intimidate or attack you.  These types of classes will teach you tactics if you are ever attacked by a stranger.  You should consider carrying something like pepper spray which is inexpensive yet extremely effective at stopping an attacker.

Crime Is Real, Don’t be a Victim!

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