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The Key Reason Why Utilize Disguised Storage In Securing Valuable Possessions In The House

diversion safes

I have rarely been a fan of wall safes hidden behind artworks. Pretty much everybody has them and not all make an effort to keep it a secret! I realize that they serve a lot more as status symbols than they do effective places to conceal important items.

All of us have seen movies that show these kinds of safes. Because everyone knows the likely hiding spots for them inside a household, thieves would also know where to look for them.

Diversion safes are cheap and far better at hiding possessions compared to expensive wall safes. These are secure containers that could hold cash or jewelry and are disguised to look precisely like objects seen in the home.

They go unnoticed mainly because they appear like cans of a car degreaser, 7up soda, fruit cocktail and similar. The only period you can tell that each is not what it looks is the moment you already know what it is.

Given the right hiding spot, however, thieves won’t ever take the time to look through these disguised safes because they look so common. This is what makes them a lot more effective compared to expensive wall safes. No person will ever think that they store anything valuable.

You can put diversion safes in a cupboard, fridge or pantry. You can even keep them out in the open to appear like part of your home d├ęcor.

Inside my own household, I have numerous disguised safes everywhere. I keep emergency money, savings and other cash inside them. I keep jewelry in them, too.

Even though I keep my hiding safes out in the open, I have peace of mind because no one can see past their disguises. No one will find exactly where I keep my stash of valuable items, not even my own family who comes to visit me frequently.

Discreet diversion safes hidden throughout your home are better than one huge, expensive safe located behind a painting. It may be out of sight however, if the hiding spot is well known, thieves know precisely where to search for your prized possessions.

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