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Tips On Keeping An Extra Eye On Your Baby Sitter

vanity mirror hidden camera


I leave my two kids with a nanny at home every single day mainly because I work full time. I am lucky that I could pay for this kind of service since it is way better than leaving them in day care. However as much as I like my nanny, I still leave security cameras hidden all over my house because a mother can never be too certain.

A surveillance camera is effective to keep an eye on everything going on at home. I have heard of other parents catching nannies and sitters hurting their children and I wanted to make certain that my children are safe.

You can buy the types of security cameras that are installed on your ceiling, seen in plain sight. These are advantageous though people know that they are being watched and can change their behavior accordingly.

I wanted to make sure that my children were safe and that my nanny’s personality was good. So as to truly find out, I opted for a hidden camera instead.

A hidden spy camera performs the exact same function as a normal surveillance camera however it is disguised as a regular thing. The camera is concealed within the item, which is the one that rests in plain view.

What I like about hidden cameras is that people behave natural around them. I could tell from the video footage what kind of character my nanny has. I can even see precisely how my children behave when I am not around.

I purchased a wall clock hidden camera, which is located in the family room in which the sitter and my kids stay all day. Plus, I have a mirror spy camera within my bathroom and an alarm clock spy camera inside the kids’ bedroom.

My nanny has no idea that I have security cameras hidden in plain sight as they are well-disguised. I have been blessed, though, to find that my nanny is really kind and patient with my children. Regardless, I love the comfort as well as peace of mind that having disguised cameras in the home provide me.

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