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Today’s In Home Surveillance Cameras

Today’s in home surveillance cameras offer video evidence that elderly abuse is a widespread problem in America.  Today’s in home surveillance cameras provide a solution for families concerned about the quality of care a loved one is receiving from a visiting nurse or health care workers at a nursing home.

News media reports about neglect, elderly abuse and video evidence of theft by entrusted employers and service personnel highlights the reality of why a family worries about an elderly loved one being physically abused by a caregiver.

Today’s in home surveillance cameras such as the Air Freshener Hidden Camera with Built-in DVR is just one example of the many styles available with today’s in home surveillance cameras.  Several months ago, we were all shocked to learn about an elderly patient with alzheimer’s disease being mistreated and physically abused in a nursing home.

Her son suspected elderly abuse when he visited her at the nursing home and saw red marks on her face.  So when his complaints weren’t investigated he secretly placed a covert hidden camera in nursing home which provided video evidence and confirmed his suspicion.

Today’s in home surveillance cameras are helping more and more families everyday to monitor the care their loved ones receives by a visiting nurse or health care workers in a nursing home.

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